General Information

The Developer Economics survey is owned and managed by VisionMobile Ltd trading as SlashData, hereby identified as “Promoter”. This Referral Program is being carried out in conjunction with the November 2018 - January 2019 Developer Economics survey, entitled the Developer Economics survey Q4 2018 hereby identified as “Survey”. The Referral process starts with the beginning of the Survey and ends the same date of the Survey, planned for November 26th and January 20th. Final dates are liable to change without notice. Winners are determined by the total number of valid Referrals by the completion of the Survey (participants will be notified as to the final end date of the survey one day in advance). Each participant can win only one of the available Referral Program Prizes. By submitting your personal information you are agreeing to the Terms listed in this page. The Referral Process is not in any way linked to the  Developer Economics Survey General Prize, Extra Prize and Developer Community Prize draws. Referral Prizes are independent of any other Developer Economics Survey Prize draws. A Referral Prize winner is eligible to also enter the Survey Prize Draws (General, Extra and Developer Community) in accordance to the Terms and Conditions outlined here.

Referral definitions

A Referral is defined as a successful completion of the Survey by a person other than the participant making the referral (the “Referrer”), via the custom link provided to the participant through the Referral Program process. Each time a referred prospect completes the Survey, the number of Referrals will be increased by one. For each Referrer, the number of Referrals increases only by valid survey completions via the Referrer’s unique custom link and not any other links, such as the survey link the Referrer found the survey in or the link he/she received when he saved his/her progress while taking the Survey himself/herself.

Only referred prospects who are involved in software development qualify as Referrals and any referred prospects who fail to meet this criteria will be removed from the survey prior to completion, and are not counted as Referrals.

Referrals are not valid where the referred prospect and the referring party are one and the same person or where the Referrer uses any means of automatically filling Survey forms to generate Referrals. Whenever such behaviour is identified from the Promoter’s security processes then the Referrer will be banned from the Referral Program and s/he will not be eligible to win any of the available Prizes.

In the event that a Referral is submitted twice (using the same email or other identifying characteristic) from different Referees, the first Referrer will be credited the Referral.

In the event of the participant sharing the same number of Referrals at the end of the Survey, the participant who registered first will be the one eligible for that particular Prize.

Referral Process

The Referral process is initiated when participants create a user account on the survey (complete Sign up), enter the survey with their account (Sign in), click on the Referral Promo menu item in the survey, and start sharing the promo materials according to instructions listed on the Referral Promo page. The Referral Promo Page will include a unique personal identification link, which can be used to promote the survey to prospective referrals. The exact time and date of prospective referral submissions will also be recorded. Referrers’ country will also be determined using their IP address.

The Referrer will be able to access the custom link to be used for all referrals on their custom Referral Dashboard. The Referrer may use this custom link in any medium (social, email, print, etc). The Referrer may also use a url shortener but under no circumstances may the link be edited. No referrals will be credited to the Referrer if referrals are made through an edited link. Referrers are encouraged to continue to promote throughout the duration of the Survey. Inclusion in the top 50 Referrers list at any time other than the survey close does not guarantee a Prize, since the list of top Referrers may constantly change as participants generate new referrals, and quality and cleansing checks are performed after the survey closing date.

Participants may find information on the Prizes and Referral process on the custom Referral dashboard and via Referral emails.

Referral Dashboard

Each Referrer will receive a link to their custom Referral Dashboard via email, after initially signing up for the Referral Program. The Dashboard will contain information on the Process and Prizes of the Program. It will indicate their Rank in the Program, based on the number of Referrals they have brought to the survey.

The Dashboard also includes a Leaderboard, listing the rank of the current top 50 Referrers. The Leaderboard is constantly updated and displays the rank, first name, first letter of last name, country, and number of Referrals of the top 50 Referrers. This information will be visible to all participants of the Referral Program. In case of ties in the number of Referrals, participants who signed up to the Program first will be prioritised.


The top 50 Referrers who pass our post-Survey quality checks and cleansing will be awarded a sum of money as displayed on the below table. The Promoter will award the amounts using a third party service called and is not responsible for the delivery process. Each Prize winner can receive his/her prize by entering a valid paypal address when s/he is asked to do it. Should a Prize winner be unable to create an account due to restriction in their country, The Promoter will provide the equivalent sum of money in sum of money in Amazon Gift Cards, pre-paid VISA cards or via TransferWise. Paypal or other transaction fees will be borne by the Promoter.

Winners will be notified via email on how to receive their Prize within 30 working days of the Survey completion.